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Recently, God has reminded me a crucial component of fighting sin.  We must fight sin by actively building spiritual muscles, not simply seeking things that restrict us from outwardly sinning, because these things that simply restrict opportunities for sin do not address the core issue of our hearts being prone to wander and prone to leaving the God we love.  AND, I realized that if I am depending on these negative, restricting devices in the fight against sin, I am actually getting weaker and weaker in the fight against sin.  My spiritual muscles are not being worked out and getting stronger.

For example, I was thinking of the internet software “Covenant Eyes.” It is a really good program that monitors internet usage and has options to do filtering to help fight against lust.  You have accountability partners who receive all the sites you visit, and the program rates all the sites, the higher the rating, the more likely inappropriate material is on it.  So it is a good program that negatively guards against lust from the internet, one of the easier portals from which to lust.  However, Scripture tells us to have “not even a hint of sexual immorality.” And if we are only depending on Covenant Eyes to refrain us from looking at lustful images on the internet, but we are not guarding our eyes walking on the street or passing by magazine racks at the grocery store, then we are getting weaker in the fight against sin.

Negative guards are helpful, but I pray that we will always remember that they do not replace actively fighting the sinful idols of our hearts and building spiritual muscles through regular times in the Word and in humble prayer.   Let’s not let our spiritual muscles atrophy by depending on human devices other than the Gospel of Jesus Christ and active hatred and fight against sin.


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